Terms of Use

Created on 26 April, 2022 • 8,984 views • 2 minutes read

"Terms of Use"

When using the Pagetie platform, you agree to the following terms and conditions, in addition to the privacy policy. These terms govern the way the management interacts with the content and represent the agreement between the user and Pagetie on the use of the platform.

User Protection:

In cases where an account is suspended due to a breach or suspicion by Pagetie's management, Pagetie has the right to request personal documents, phone numbers, and any information that confirms the user's identity. Afterward, the management has the right to reactivate or continue suspending the account based on the available information. Note that account information and avatars are hidden to maintain the privacy of the suspended user.

By default, the user of the Pagetie platform retains full intellectual property rights and copyright ownership of the content they publish on Pagetie.

The user is responsible for paying fees after subscribing to Pagetie and agrees not to use counterfeit or stolen payment methods, which can lead to immediate banning of the account and associated pages.

Reasons for Account Suspension on Pagetie:

Pagetie reserves the right to freeze or permanently suspend any account. Account suspension may occur due to unlawful or inappropriate use of the platform's services. Users may receive warnings for violating terms and regulations or engaging in inappropriate use of the platform. Warnings are received on the website or via the associated email. Warnings do not immediately stop account activity but may lead to permanent suspension based on the severity of the violation. Violating the terms of use on Pagetie can result in permanent account suspension.

Subscription Renewal:

Subscriptions are automatically renewed through the chosen payment method unless the subscription is frozen or canceled.

If the system is unable to renew the subscription due to payment issues, the account enters a grace period of 10 days. You can update the payment method and renew the subscription during this period without consequences. After this period, we have the right to suspend access to the paid package features.

Subscription Cancellation:

After canceling the subscription, you have the right to continue using Pagetie until the next billing cycle date displayed in your account. After this period, your website will be transferred to the free package until you subscribe again.


You cannot request a refund after canceling the subscription. Pagetie provides a free package before the paid subscription, allowing you to try all the available system features. Additionally, there is a 14-day trial period after subscribing to one of the paid packages.

Content on Your Page:

Pagetie provides software as a service, and we are not responsible for the content you publish on your website. You publish content on your own responsibility.

In Pagetie, you are not allowed to provide sexually explicit or hateful content, incite violence or extremism. Pagetie offers you a tool to promote knowledge sharing, and anything beyond that is considered a violation of the platform's terms of use.